Share Your Ideas With Us

image: person dancingYour Ideas are Important

Your support and feedback help to make us a great organization. Use this form communicate your ideas, suggestions, complaints, and compliments to our leadership. If you prefer, contact individual leaders directly. You can find their email addresses on our contact page.  

Asking for feedback

Your ideas will be directed to the appropriate person or group. If you want someone to respond to your suggestion, please enter your name and email address, and check the "Yes" box on the form. 

Being constructive

Help us to understand what you want us to do with your ideas. While sharing your idea, please consider the following:

  • What is the nature or purpose of your suggestion; e.g., reduce costs, generate revenue, create a satisfying experience for our volunteers, improve the quality of our performances?
  • Where did your idea stem from?
  • How do you believe your idea will help our organization?
  • If you are recommending changing or adding a process, how would you implement it?
  • How much will implementing your idea cost, in dollars and volunteer time?

Thank you!

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